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  • Jullian Mercier

    Jullian Mercier

    Senior iOS engineer. jullianmercier.com. @jullian_mercier.

  • Manasa M P

    Manasa M P

    iOS Developer in walmart

  • Aaina jain

    Aaina jain

    Engineering Manager📱at Go-Jek Tech, Organizer & Editor at Swift India

  • Francisco Igor

    Francisco Igor

    Programming from the past century. Worked with many programming languages and software development tools for desktop, web and mobile. https://fraigo.github.io/

  • Wayne Bishop

    Wayne Bishop

    I write about Swift Development & Computer Science. Get more tips on technical interview preparation at — www.waynewbishop.com

  • Zahurafzal Mirza

    Zahurafzal Mirza

    I am an iOS Developer by day, gamer by night and a really happy to go down to earth person. Yea, even while Coding.

  • Ryan Fox

    Ryan Fox

    iOS developer @Facebook — the opinions expressed here are mine and do not necessarily represent those of my employer. https://www.linkedin.com/in/wailord

  • Kenneth Poon

    Kenneth Poon

    Tech Talk Contributor to Singapore iOS Dev Scout meetup group de_poon@hotmail.com http://linkedin.com/in/kenneth-poon-84217019 @de_poonkenneth

  • Alaeddine Messaoudi

    Alaeddine Messaoudi

    iOS Developer

  • Candost Dagdeviren

    Candost Dagdeviren

    Software Engineering Manager, Writer, Podcaster

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